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Celebrating over 70 Years!
Read what a just a few of our satisfied customers have to say about our products...

Cool-Amp Silver Plating Powder...
Tennessee Valley Authority, Graybar, Miller Electric,
Yasaka Industries, Bridges Electric, EI Dupont, Alstom, American Welding, Pulsar, Linweld and many more..."

"I have been using Cool-Amp to protect resistance welder connections from oxidation, since I was the Welding Engineer at Chevy Gear & Axle in 1976. It is now specified by most automotive customers for all the secondary welder connections." ~Automotive Resistance Welding Specialist 2012

"We have always known Cool-Amp products to do a consistently high quality job. Reduces losses due to oxide build up on copper connections."

"We have used Cool-Amp on remanufactured buss bars and resurfaced damaged contact points with no problems...saves contacts that are pitted."

"Works great in the spot welding process..."

"...just tested your product, this stuff is GREAT! Lays down solid silver...It polishes out to a shine, I can make a mirror with this stuff!"

"I can't lose with you. I'm bringing world class product to my customers. I was going to set up a plating bath. I didn't have to do that."

"...application can't be easier...I have tried tin plate and solder plate circuit boards for my own use but neither are as good as or easy as Cool-Amp."

"It's much more than a polish. It will actually put a silver plate on your copper or brass! There are no messy or dangerous has saved me time, money and my sanity."

" was wonderful! I silvered my musical instrument. Great for plating problems large and small!"

"Prevents arcing where bus bars are bolted together. Very good conductor."

Conducto-Lube Silver Conductive Lubricant...
Intermatic Inc., Owens Corning, Pacific Gas & Electric, Russelectric Inc, TIMET, Nashville Electric, and more...

"I cleaned a fuse holder & power entry module assembly, applied a dab of Conducto-Lube to the contacts in the module & slid the fuse holder into place. Placed power module on test load bank, tested resistance, Good Stuff! Pass this on to whomever might be interested."

"...saving contacts that have burned...put the lube on the blades & reconnected the circuit...saved myself a lot of money..."

"By using Conducto-Lube on the moving joints it prevents galling & binding of the joints. This allows the moving contact to break the arc quickly as it has to. Consistently high quality job."

"Conducto-Lube extends switch life by cutting down on wear of moving parts. A fine money saving product."

" Eliminates chloride salt build up at contact points. Conducto-Lube protects the contacts from vapors."

"Have used your products for many years and love them."





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