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Cool-Amp Silver Plating Powder part #1233-500
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Cool-Amp can be used on:

buss bars, cable terminals, current transformer terminals, clamps and fittings, ham radios, PCB's, welders, or anywhere conductivity is needed on bolted copper, brass or bronze parts
* Cool-Amp is ready for instant use
* Power losses & overheating can be reduced without lengthy shutdowns
* Cool-Amp gives maximum conductivity
* Assures long life & low maintenance
* Prevents power losses from oxidation & corrosion

Easy to apply ON-THE-JOB!!!

Quick How to Video

silverplate silverplatesilverplate
1. Polish copper, brass or bronze with a sharp steel wire brush. (an abrasive cloth may be used in some cases) Wipe clean.
2. With a slightly damp clean cloth, dip into Cool-Amp Silver Plating Powder & rub on firmly. (continue until surface passes from a dull white cloudy color to a slightly polished silver)
3. Rinse thoroughly with cloth & clean water, wipe dry.


Silver Plating vs. Dipping

Silver plating with Cool-Amp allows you to completely control where to plate & only plate the parts that need it. The ability to control the amount that is applied, and still achieve a high quality silver coat, is very important. This not only saves money by using less silver, but it saves a great deal of time. The silver dipping process requires parts to be shipped for offsite dipping and shipped back before they can be used. Using Cool-Amp you can apply the layer of silver on the job, which will help your bottom line.

Green Technology:

Cool-Amp is starting to be used more and more in the green technology industry. Electricity powers most green technologies making Cool-Amp and Conducto-lube highly valuable when it comes to mass producing cost effective green products. The conductive properties of silver are ideal for items like high quality batteries. These companies use silver rather than copper as it reduces the heat of the parts and helps increase the life of the battery. Cool-Amp is increasingly used as the silver plating product of choice for the green technologies of tomorrow.

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